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A Day of Action to Protect Net Neutrality

Next Wednesday, a number of organizations and tech companies are rallying together for a Day of Action to protect net neutrality. Mozilla is proud to join the effort.

Protecting net neutrality is a top priority for Mozilla. We believe that regardless of who is sending and receiving it, ISPs treating data equally is vital to a healthy, vibrant and open Web. During the Day of Action, we will encourage the Mozilla community to amplify its voice and send a clear message to the U.S. Congress about what is at stake if net neutrality is weakened.

In advance of the Day of Action, we will also host a reddit AMA to raise awareness and understanding of the issue so people can take informed action. Please join us in the AMA on Tuesday, September 9, from 12-1pm PT by visiting

This is a critical time in the evolution of the Web. Decisions about net neutrality will determine whether the Web continues to be a powerful, shared resource for innovation, opportunity and learning. A long-awaited decision from the FCC is imminent, so let’s join together to send a strong message to policy makers: Protect Net Neutrality.

7 comments on “A Day of Action to Protect Net Neutrality”

  1. Elizabeth Rupp wrote on

    Dear Congress, Sept. 9, 2014
    Please protect Internet Neutrality today or whenever you vote on this important subject. I believe in a level playing field for everyone. I believe in Fast Internet Service for everyone and only blocking things like beheadings, nudity, and pornography on the internet. Things that are morally corruptible do not belong on the internet. I oppose terrorism. I support civilization with much less government interference in the daily lives of its citizens than exists right now. Thank you for your valuable time reading my viewpoints.
    Elizabeth Rupp

  2. uber777 wrote on

    im 4 it. we need less gov. intervention (vis-a-vis net neutrality or any other onerous intrusion) in our lives and more personal freedoms.

  3. Yurisbel Jimenez wrote on

    Internet doesn’t need to be scavenge for governments Every body has the right to surf in a net not controlled by governments. Data traveling between two parties has to be confidential not a property of a third party or organization.

  4. anonymous wrote on

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  5. Killua wrote on

    freedom of surfing is right 😀

  6. su jarwo wrote on

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  7. New Idea wrote on

    thnx to all