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It’s Time to Pass U.S. Federal Privacy Legislation

Despite being a powerhouse of technology and innovation, the U.S. lags behind global counterparts when it comes to privacy protections. Everyday, people face the real possibility that their very personal information could fall into the hands of third parties seeking to weaponize it against them.

At Mozilla, we strive to not only empower people with tools to protect their own privacy, but also to influence other companies to adopt better privacy practices. That said, we can’t solve every problem with a technical fix or rely on companies to voluntarily prioritize privacy.

The good news? After decades of failed attempts and false starts, real reform may finally be on the horizon. We’ve recently seen more momentum than ever for policy changes that would provide meaningful protections for consumers and more accountability from companies. It’s time that we tackle the real-world harms that emerge as a result of pervasive data collection online and abusive privacy practices.

Strong federal privacy legislation is critical in creating an environment where users can truly benefit from the technologies they rely on without paying the premium of exploitation of their personal data. Last month, the House Committee on Energy & Commerce took the important step of voting the bipartisan American Data Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA) out of committee and advancing the bill to the House floor. Mozilla supports these efforts and encourages Congress to pass the ADPPA.

Stalling on federal policy efforts would only hurt American consumers. We look forward to continuing our work with policymakers and regulators to achieve meaningful reform that restores trust online and holds companies accountable. There’s more progress than ever before towards a solution. We can’t miss this moment.