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Mozilla launches beta of comprehensive online developer center

New One-Stop Resource for AJAX, Web, and Firefox Extension Development

New One-Stop Resource for AJAX, Web, and Firefox Extension Development

October 3, 2005, (Mountain View, CA). Mozilla Corp., the developer of the popular Firefox Web browser, welcomes Web developers to the public beta of the Mozilla Developer Center (MDC) available now at MDC provides valuable and comprehensive resources for building Web sites and Web applications for all Web browsers. The site also features technical information for developers who are targeting support for the upcoming release of Firefox 1.5 as well as resources for developing Firefox-specific Extensions and plug-ins.

MDC aims to deliver higher quality documentation and greater usability through the same open and collaborative framework that has made Mozilla products such as the award-winning Firefox Web browser successful. MDC’s content and resources – ranging from introductory tutorials and educational materials through comprehensive reference documentation on open web standards – is provided by hundreds of individual contributors from around the world. MDC is available in English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, and Portuguese.

MDC features include:

Tutorials, Articles and References – MDC hosts a growing library of tutorials and technical documentation, covering topics such as Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), JavaScript and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). MDC also includes technology hubs for Firefox Extension and theme development, accessibility, localization, security, standards, and more.

Blogs and RSS Feeds – MDC hosts topical and relevant blogs and RSS feeds. WebWatch is a Web developer’s daily dose of key issues and trends in Web development from across the Web and highlights innovative approaches and techniques. DevNews provides up-to-date information to Firefox Extension developers and Mozilla’s development community around release schedules, API changes, and platform enhancements for Mozilla products.

“MDC is being launched in the spirit of openness, collaboration, and the furtherance of open standards for the Web,” said Christopher Beard, head of products at Mozilla Corp. “The core purpose of this new developer resource is to provide easy access and a meeting place for developers that provides the tools and information needed to build great Web sites and innovative Web applications.”

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