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Mozilla launches new Firefox Add-ons Web site

Delivers thousands of free customization options for Firefox users and enhanced developer tools

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – Mar. 27, 2007 – Mozilla today launched a new Firefox Add-ons Web site ( that makes it even easier for Firefox users to find and install thousands of free extensions and themes for a totally customized browsing experience. The new site also draws on the Mozilla community and a wide range of new tools, testing and support applications to help developers create and deliver high quality add-ons for Firefox users.

“This new Web site helps encourage and manage the development of more great add-ons for Firefox, and enables users to customize their browsing experience to make Firefox their own,” said Mike Shaver, director, ecosystem development, Mozilla. “The skills and knowledge of the Mozilla developer community will now be applied to the development, testing and support of add-ons. That means better add-ons for users, and more ways for businesses and organizations to integrate their services into Firefox.”

Firefox add-ons enable users to customize their browser with powerful, fun and useful tools that give them total control over the appearance and functionality of their browser. Add-ons help make Firefox the most personalized browser available to Internet users. More than 7 million Firefox users currently have add-ons installed on their browser.

New Additions:

  • User reviews and ratings for add-ons
  • Improved search to help Firefox users find the perfect add-on
  • Language support for Danish, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Romanian, Russian, Slovakian, and Spanish users, with more languages to come
  • New tools and support for add-on developers, and the ability to harness the power of the Mozilla community in add-on development
  • A new level of testing for add-ons that ensures even higher quality and functionality for users

For developers, Mozilla has expanded the Firefox Add-ons Web site to include detailed information about creating, supporting and distributing add-ons to Firefox users. Just as the Firefox Web browser is developed, tested and supported by the Mozilla community, add-ons will now benefit from the expertise of Mozilla developers from around the world. The Mozilla community will provide code review, feature testing and even usability feedback for add-on developers. The community will also recommend favorite add-ons to help users find the best of the thousands of free extensions and themes.

Hundreds of developers are already creating great Firefox add-ons, including: AdaptiveBlue, AllPeers, del.ici.ous, FoxMarks, Pronto, StumbleUpon, and many more.

Mozilla Partner Quotes

Mozilla has created a unique ecosystem that enables companies to extend the browser and deliver a diverse and powerful set of add-ons to consumers. Firefox and the extensions ecosystem are rapidly paving the way to the next generation of intelligent and productive browsing. — Alex Iskold, Founder & CTO, AdaptiveBlue,
By developing AllPeers as a Firefox extension, we have been able to benefit from all the functionality of a world-class Web browser while providing our users with the same high-quality features as a standalone application. AllPeers has always been available for download exclusively on the official Firefox Add-ons site, making us active participants in the growing community of innovative Firefox add-ons that offer users unparalleled opportunity for customizing their browser experience. We are excited about all the cool new features of the updated add-ons website, which represents yet another big step forward for our users and the Firefox community in general. — Matthew Gertner, CTO, AllPeers,
Mozilla’s add-on system for Firefox allowed us to create a seamless integration between and the browser. Since we launched our bookmarks add-on, many users have installed the extension and now use it every day to remember their favorite places on the Web. — Joshua Schachter, Founder,,
Building an add-on for Firefox was an obvious and economical way for us to launch our business. The platform is powerful and flexible, the developer community is knowledgeable and helpful, and the Add-ons site provides an excellent way to distribute what we’ve built. The whole package is a great way to deliver valuable services to a diverse base of users. — Todd Agulnick, Vice President & Co-Founder, Foxmarks Inc.,
Mozilla’s team devoted substantial effort and design feedback to help Pronto deliver the Pronto Shopping Messenger, a highly customizable extension that allows users to get instant price comparison information for products in a more natural shopping experience. — Tim Ogilvie, VP of Business Development, Pronto,
Mozilla’s Add-ons site is a great platform for distributing innovative browser extensions. Over 75 percent of StumbleUpon’s 1.8M members are using Firefox as their browser of choice, and the community feedback we’ve received through AMO has been invaluable while developing our product. — Garrett Camp, Founder & Chief Architect, StumbleUpon,

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