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Mozilla Thunderbird 2 soars to new heights

New features and enhancements make email easier to navigate and organize

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF. – April 19, 2007 – Mozilla Thunderbird™ 2, the latest version of the popular, free and open source email client, is available worldwide today. Thunderbird 2 allows users to easily manage and organize email with tags, advanced folder views, and fast inbox and message searches. Users can also customize Thunderbird 2 with add-ons that match individual preferences.

“Thunderbird 2 has powerful new features and proven security, delivering an improved email experience to users worldwide,” said Scott MacGregor, lead engineer for Thunderbird at Mozilla. “In Thunderbird 2, we incorporated the proven benefits of tagging to email. Tagging initially gained popularity on blogs, photo and link-sharing sites as an intuitive way to organize online information so users could easily find desired content.”

Thunderbird 2 users can choose from hundreds of add-ons to customize the application for their needs. By integrating professional networking tools, VOIP calling, and shared address books directly into Thunderbird, users can expand the email client into a versatile information and communications hub.

Thunderbird 2 is built using the same open source development model as the award-winning Mozilla Firefox Web browser. This development process incorporates feedback directly from users and the talents of Mozilla’s community of open source contributors to deliver a powerful, free and modern email application.

Thunderbird 2 is available now as a free download for Windows, Mac and Linux, in more than 30 language versions at

What’s New in Thunderbird 2

Millions of users around the world rely on Thunderbird’s ease of use, functionality and security. Thunderbird users will now benefit from enhancements that make their email experience even better:

Message Tagging – Organize emails by assigning tags like ‘From Mom’ or ‘Weekend Projects’ to easily track and search for information. Users can choose from default tags, such as Important, Personal, To-Do, Later and Work, or create their own custom tags. Users can also add as many tags as they want to a message.

Message History – Thunderbird 2 offers message history navigation similar to Web browsing history navigation. Users can move backward and forward through their messages and easily browse through their message history.

Search – Use the find-as-you-type pane to speed up searches within displayed messages and the quick search feature, which starts showing search results as soon as users start typing in search terms. Thunderbird 2 saves users time by allowing them to store searches as folders. Rerun saved searches by clicking on the saved search folder in the folder pane.

Easy Access to Web Mail Services – Thunderbird 2 users can integrate and access popular Web mail services by simply entering their user names and passwords.

Customization – Users can customize Thunderbird 2 with hundreds of free add-ons that change the look, feel and functionality of Thunderbird to suit their tastes. Users can also create their own message templates to save time.

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