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Minutes of Today’s Weekly Meeting

Starting today, we will post the minutes of our weekly Sumo meetings for everyone to see. They will be published here in the Sumo blog and on the wiki.

Technical Status

  • Technical requirements mostly complete. [1] [2] [3]
    • Meeting tomorrow to go through each requirement and determine priority and roadmap. (morgamic, djst)
  • May upgrade TikiWiki to latest version within a couple of weeks.
    • Not sure if it’s worth it but should be in our best interests
    • From a TikiWiki community point of view, this makes sense.
    • Some bug fixes there that we want.
  • Need page introducing and welcoming contributors to Sumo. Jason will work on that.
    • Should list things you can do to help, e.g. editing KB articles, participating in Live Chat, etc.
    • Should link to writing guidelines and other relevant info (legal, etc)
  • morgamic and nelson need a couple of weeks to sort out the technical issues with the site, e.g. https, session data etc.
  • Problem with session time-outs after 15 minutes, increased to 60 for now.
    • Will be fixed if we upgrade TikiWiki (warning message when session is about to time out).


  • Technical requirements complete. [4]
  • Will go through the requirements tomorrow and then outline a roadmap (djst, morgamic).
  • We will not promote l10n until we have the critical technical requirements implemented.
  • Need an overview of current locale’s community sites.
    • chofmann has done some research on it.
    • djst will blog about it.
    • General idea is to start with small/new communities first and work our way to the top communities.
    • Link to the external top communities as long as they provide help we don’t provide for Firefox.


  • Jason mostly done with forum guidelines and rules. [5]
    • chofmann and djst to run it through legal with cbrady.
  • Will go through the requirements tomorrow and then outline a roadmap (djst, morgamic).

Live Chat

  • License issue with Live Chat fixed. (morgamic)
  • Technical requirements not yet finished. Lucy to work on that.
  • We need a mockup of Live Chat start page with instructions and rules. Lucy to work on that.