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Minutes of SUMO meeting 2008-09-15


  • Weekly metrics
    • Most popular articles list not accurate (see bug)
  • This week is the first time we share the weekly common issues list during the SUMO meeting. It’s a chance to make sure everyone can provide their feedback and additional info, and verify that we’re seeing the same things. This way, we have a better list to present to the rest of Mozilla on the Wednesday Firefox 3.1 meeting.

Knowledge Base

  • Bugzilla: 2 article bugs filed [1][2], 1 article bug verified fixed [3]
  • Still gathering feedback on new editor.
  • New start page for Firefox Support localizers [4].
  • Policy on linking to add-ons discussion in [5].
    • We don’t want to link directly to add-ons, as that gives a false impression that we’re supporting them
    • We should, however, promote one of the strongest features of Firefox — it’s extensibility. We can do that without endorsing any specific extensions.
  • What to do with out of date/obsolete pages — cilias to start a discussion this week


  • Forums are still slow but not throwing database errors.
  • Participation is up this week, yay!
    • 775 replies by contribs, this week 1775
    • cww to verify the stats, as it looks like the participation doubled…

Live Chat

  • zzxc is without power today, Cww in charge of livechat for the day, pulling stats.

Norton 360

  • Main thread: [6]
  • Call with Symantec on Wed to finalize suggested workarounds. cww and zzxc to call in.
  • cilias to review zzxc’s edit to the Norton 360 article