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Minutes of SUMO meeting 2009-01-26

Attendees: djst, cilias, cww, zzxc


  • Takeaways from the January 12 community meeting
    • Why do people participate — enjoying the community feel
    • People seem to enjoy being able to share ideas and get immediate response
    • We should do this more often
    • cilias was surprised about the community aspect being the main drive for people, tended to think that support is the thing that brings people together.
      • djst can only speak from his own experiences but for him it was definitely the feeling of being part of the community that was the strongest motivator. that and the feeling of giving something back to Mozilla.
  • Q1 2009 goals — we have more goals in total, but here are some of the highlights and our main focuses:
    • Improve website performance (SUMO 0.9)
    • Clear l10n dashboard (SUMO 1.0)
    • UI/UX polish (SUMO 1.1)
    • Update Knowledge Base for Firefox 3.1 (cilias)
    • Optimize SUMO start page for finding solutions to problems using manual A/B tests (djst/chofmann/jslater)
    • Host another fantastic Support Firefox Day (cww)
    • Establish biweekly communication with Live Chat and Forum community members for better outreach (principally zzxc)
  • Weekly metrics
    • No CSAT data for the KB in the doc because of Omniture problem. Cww to file bug about. cilias to help with collecting it once it’s up again in Omniture
  • Last week’s weekly support issues
    • The status “Needs doc” means we need to file a KB Article bug to get the documentation writing going. zzxc and cww to file bugs for the items in the list.

Knowledge Base

  • Options window sub-articles have been pushed to KB, and articles linking to it have been updated. Next step is to get them localized. We have around 20 translations today; out of those 5 localizers have responded. cilias to blog about the process and cross-post in the l10n newsgroups.
  • New Czech and Vietnamese locale leaders. Welcome Pavel Cvrcek (JasnaPaka) and NGUYỄN-Mạnh Hùng (loveleeyoungae)!
  • Locked places help-topic should be working in all its glory. Any update on streamlining the solution? cilias to cc some devs to the article for review. We might want to condense it to make it easier to follow for users (e.g. just keep the last resort solution).
  • Found a critical bug regarding SHOWFOR versions detection, which is most likely the cause of some articles have a low understandability rating. bug 474842


  • Thread rename policy — Ask moderators to actively rename? Or rename retroactively?
    • djst suggests we should rename titles that need clarification. Generally, we should always strive to make the information finding as straightforward as possible, both for contributors and users. If the thread title is vague, we should clarify it.
  • Should we have standardized answers for “monkey article” questions? (In particular cookies.sqlite, places.sqlite and using about:config to customize the awesomebar.)
    • Canned responses integrated to the forum response window would be nice, but we simply don’t have the resources for it (and it’s not very high up in our priority list). Generally in forums, new members tend to look at what the veterans are doing. We should be thankful that we have kickass helpers like Cor-el leading the way and posting helpful responses already!
  • bug 472310 preventing threads from showing on the first page, patch almost ready, will be fixed in 0.8.2

Live Chat

  • Metrics update
    • 21 new accounts last week (3 helped in at least one chat, 2 approved into support workgroup)
    • About 6 active participants per week, but putting in more hours than previously
    • Traffic and participation still up
    • Of 697 questions, 11 were from Firefox 3.1 beta users
  • Disconnections continue to be a big problem; some users took 4+ tries to stay connected. (471456)


  • Twitter is up at cww to tweet interesting discussion threads in Contrib forum and support.planning as well as every blog post. cww to announce it on the SUMO blog.