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Weekly SUMO meeting 2009-03-30


  • Weekly metrics
  • Last week’s weekly support issues
    • Cww to investigate general slowness on Mac and report back to team asap
    • We do have a separate page for the problem with the “Firefox was recently updated” tab opening on every start (because prefs.js is locked/damaged).
      • We need to optimize the search so it’s easier to find, as this is a common issue

Knowledge Base

  • The parent options window articles will start to be purged.
  • Searching for ways to make article comment triage community based.
    • cilias to start discussion in Contributor Forum
  • Couple of blog posts coming: Writing concise docs, and monitoring a category
  • It looks like April 7 is the date for updating KB from 3.1 to 3.5


  • About 600 users registering to ask a question in the forum
    • Need to streamline the process of getting help in the forum so people don’t create accounts since it’s not helping them
  • About 100 duplicate posts last week because of server problems: getting timeout errors when posting

Live Chat

  • Metrics update: 15 active helpers (1 new)
  • Crashes (Flash, sqlite), corrupt sqlite files, and ‘chrome registration failed’ remain top complaints
    • Flash tracking in Omniture was recently enabled — does it work with SUMO? djst to check with the president
  • New blog post about Live Chat web client PRD