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Minutes of SUMO meeting 2009-04-06


  • Weekly metrics
    • Lots of edited articles. Cww to run query to figure out which locales are the most frequently edited.
  • Last week’s weekly support issues
  • Anything for Namoroka feedback? [1]
    • Our opportunity to share our insights of the most common support issues and dig deeper into what’s causing it and how it could be solved

Knowledge Base

  • Meeting with Dutch localization team this week
  • 5 of 21 parent options window articles purged
    • After all are done, next step is to remove Firefox 2 content. When should we remove “2.0” from “Show customized content for”?
    • Let’s add a notification for Firefox 2 users that encourages people to upgrade. Once that’s up, we can remove the UI for choosing Firefox 2.
  • 3.1 to 3.5 update tomorrow (SUMO 1.0.1)
    • We have test the query for gathering which articles will need updating, and will run that query tomorrow.
    • Category is renamed on staging
  • New locales: Croatian (hr), Oriya (or), and Kazakh (kk)


  • Traffic still up, 110+ locked dupes two weeks ago
  • Lots of users still registering in the forum just to post a question
    • Need to make it more obvious that this is not necessary (and only slows the user down)
    • Cww to file bug to fix number of registrations

Live Chat

  • Metrics update: 21 active helpers, 30,000 chat threshold reached, ~1100 chat sessions
  • We are now linking users to How to Contribute on the chat feedback page
  • Ricmacas and others have posted ideas about the Live Chat web client
    • zzxc to explain the individual UI components of the mockup(s)


  • How to Contribute
    • cilias to change theme and test
  • People getting spammed by e-mail notifications from stage
    • Laura’s been notified in the bug