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Minutes of SUMO meeting 2009-06-01


  • Weekly metrics
    • Average CSAT seem to be going down. Need to look at the bottom rated articles (that are heavily trafficked) and identify what the cause is for the low rating. By just improving a couple of the lowest rated articles, the whole KB average increases by 2%.
  • Last week’s weekly support issues
    • Previous weeks login issues on Yahoo were put into “corrupt cookies.sqlite” but it seems that actually for Yahoo, that’s definitely not the most common cause.

Knowledge Base

  • ~20% of KB is checked for 3.5 updates. Most of the work was done on the weekend by Bo (big thanks to Bo for this work!!)
    • We’re using the “Alert translators” check box when updating an article for 3.5 to help localizers track which articles to update.
    • Rather than just showing a diff for localizers whenever an article has been outdated and marked as “potentially outdated”, maybe we could also show the changelog / one-line summary of why it was changed? That way we don’t just list the changes, but also explain why.
    • cilias to post in contributor forum and propose the idea and see what others think.
  • Concept for “Using the Firefox open media player” article is done. We just need someone to write it.
  • Crash sub-articles are up, and “Firefox crashes” update is waiting review.
  • New contributor doc: Using poll data to judge your edits


  • Contributor survey is done, data coming to sumo blog this week.
  • Getting a bunch of Live Chat helpers helping in the Forum as well! Trying to get more people to help in the forum instead of extending hours in Live Chat.

Live Chat

  • Welcome to new contributors: stoperror, enti342, fortune82, olli, Garret
  • Contributor survey wrapping up this week, results will be posted to the sumo blog this week
  • Top chat tags this week
    • Top issues: User experience, crashes (many on Mac), data corruption, Firefox won’t start, cookies
    • Since Live Chat is only opened a few hours per day and are solving less people’s problems than the Forum, maybe the number of reports of a problem in Live Chat should be weighted against the ratio of forum/chat load? In other words, if a problem is reported three times in Live Chat during one day, that should be seen as more frequent than three reports in the Forum during the same day (assuming the forum had more support questions posted than Live Chat during this day)
  • New blog post about Live Chat CSAT data
  • Network/server issue has been affecting live chat over the past week, filed bug 495308.


  • djst presenting about SUMO tomorrow in Stockholm in front of about 50 people that hopefully want to get involved with Mozilla.
  • SFD likely to move to June 18th since Asa is out of town and there’s an office move in MV, making organizing a SFD harder on June 11th.
  • Smart bookmarks for SUMO:
  • How did the FLOSS Manuals 1-day sprint go? The outcome was:
    • Introducing FLOSS section was updated by Matthew
    • Minor changes throughout
    • List of flagged articles for Firefox 3.5
    • In addition to djst, zzxc, Cww, cilias, and chofmann, at least a couple of others from the SUMO community participated (djst to look through the changelogs to get the full list and post a blog post soon)