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Minutes of SUMO meeting 2009-07-06


  • Firefox 3.5 post-mortem
    • Very good job, very prepared.
    • One thing that stood out: problem with add-ons not being compatible. We needed to get a list of unsupported add-ons. Next release would be nice to have automated list of add-ons not supported.
      • Main issue was that many unsupported add-ons were not hosted on AMO (e.g. Norton)
      • There is a list for all AMO extensions, but you have to parse it to find the uncompatible ones
    • Live Chat went really well last week; 44 people helping out, some also helping out in the forum
    • More Live Chat hours, meant that forum traffic wasn’t insane. Keeping pace pretty well with the forum.
    • Getting new KB articles up quickly. Writing quick drafts, etc. Example: Closing the only tab closes the window
    • Projecting some SUMO stats in the MV office. Increased visibility of the support effort and made some developers walk into the room and ask if they should look out for any new common issues.
    • Carlo, a Firefox users that helped out on SUMO during the 3.5 launch called in to share his feedback: “Amazed by how much the developers and people care about this browser. This is why I’m so willing to help out. One of the best things I’ve noticed is the level of support you get from people in the actual chat room, and how [Live Chat contributors] are so willing to help each other.”
  • Last week’s weekly support issues
  • Weekly metrics
    • Are we going to change the day a week starts for weekly metrics from Sunday to Monday?
      • This question comes from the new automated metrics dashboard using Monday as the first day of the week. Cww to file a bug to change to Sunday and make it a pref.
    • We did really well this release. Traffic went up, but the ratio of solved problems remained.

Knowledge Base

  • Goal for Q3: Get CSAT (all locales) above 85% (currently 81% last month)
    • Will publish plan shortly


  • Lots of unregistered helpers this week (maybe, still figuring out query)
    • Cww to work on the query today and report back tomorrow

Live Chat

  • High participation last week with the release. (44 active helpers, including 6 from Mozilla QA and 1 from engineering team)
  • We are now tracking the number of forum responses to live chat. Out of ~1100 chat sessions last week, about 55 continued to the forum.
    • How many of those 55 threads are solved now? zzxc to look up and post in Contributors forum
  • Top tags from the 3.5 release. (Crashes, extension compatibility, slow starting, firewall issues, and broken websites were the most common issues)