Minutes of SUMO meeting 2009-08-10


Knowledge Base


  • Request from devs for most common signatures. I’m working on a way to get that automatically

Live Chat

  • Common tags from last week
    • Most common questions were crashes, Firefox won’t start, add-on issues, slow/hang issues, and firewall problems
      • For “wontstart”, we suspect that it is malware. Need to add new solution, telling users to do a clean install. The article needs to be cleaned up.
  • Discussion in the contributors forum about replacing the “trainees” workgroup
  • Ongoing work on the web-client. Trying to get it finished soon.


  • Support Firefox Day: survey came back with lots of people liking the videos but hating the video quality.
  • Should I (Cheng) blog about Forum UX upcoming changes?
    • Yes. It would be good to point out some of the major changes and link to a bug list. It might even be worth doing more than one blog post, to keep everyone up to date on the progress.
  • Should Cheng blog about metrics gathered from telling people to update Flash.
    • If you’re just posting data for the sake of posting data, no. If there’s a lesson learnt from the data that we can use in the future, yes.