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Minutes of SUMO meeting 2009-08-17


Knowledge Base

  • Still need direction re-organizing the Bookmarks documentation (Contributors Forum thread). Summary of new/re-organized articles at end of thread.
  • New articles: Backing up and restoring bookmarks, Printing a web page
    • Renamed article: ‘Firefox takes a long time to start up’ is now ‘Firefox takes several minutes to start up’ the thread
  • We should split the cookies article to fit the different cookie related search terms (enable cookies, delete cookies, etc.)
    • General consensus is that it’s a good idea
  • djst: Proposed idea to change naming scheme for KB articles to questions, e.g. from “Clearing private data” to “How do I clear my private data?”
    • Other support sites use this scheme (e.g. Apple, Skype, Yahoo)
    • Works better with our terminology on the site (“search for the answers you need”, “Ask a new question”, etc)
    • Would require a lot of work
  • Milos: Also show related questions at the bottom of an article?
    • We already show related articles in the sidebar — maybe it’s not very discoverable?
    • An old idea that’s been around for quite a while is to offer related articles when someone votes “No” on “Did this article solve a problem you had with Firefox?”
      • Before we go ahead and do this, we should cheng the top 10-15 articles and make sure that they all have sensible related articles.
  • Still need people to write the top crash articles.


  • Welcome to our new contributor Richard Hennings!

Live Chat


  • Next SFD is a sprint on crash articles (good, bad, other ideas?)
    • Idea is to do a focused sprint to get people from SUMO and QA together to work on crash articles
    • A little more low key compared to previous SFDs with video presentations etc.
    • The other option would be localization
    • Let’s do the crash sprint first and then l10n! Since we won’t be focusing as heavily on presentation this time and more on the idea of getting together and working on something as a team, we should be able to do this with less time needed for planning