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Minutes of SUMO meeting 2009-09-14


  • Weekly metrics
    • Massive increase in number of new SUMO accounts. Don’t know why yet. Let’s see if it’s the same next week.
    • Two new graphs: en-US KB CSAT and Helpful %
      • Our Helpful % is steadily going up, but the CSAT seems to constantly hover above 85% with a few spikes here and there
    • Bounce rate of went up 4% — cilias to look into it (e.g. where do people go from the start page?)
  • Last week’s weekly support issues
    • Add column for last week’s numbers and remove superfluos notes

Knowledge Base


  • No updates

Live Chat

  • Participation was down last week, with only 12 active helpers. A lot of the most active helpers are back in school/college now.
  • Top chat tags from last week, crashes still most common issue
  • Web client status: nearly code complete for 1.4
    • Will need help testing after changes land — will post in Contributors forum to ask for help. Cww + cilias to help as well.