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Minutes of SUMO meeting 2010-02-23

Attendees: djst, cww, Topal, cilias, zzxc, TMZ, Tanner, Tobbi, and asadotzler


  • Welcome to the team, Kadir Topal!
    • Applause…
  • Weekly metrics
    • KB helpfulness has been going down and we don’t know why. cilias did a day-by-day query and the numbers did not match. The day-by-day query may be looking at all locales, instead of just en-US. Cww will look at the query, and help get the right numbers.
    • Forum answer rate is going down. The is due to the increase in total number of questions out-pacing the increase in community help.
  • Last week’s weekly support issues
  • Purpose of “Other Firefox Support” on Mobile site. [1] -cilias
    • Right now, it is redirecting to the “Ask a question” page. The purpose is to point link to, but we can add a link to the mobile newsgroup. cilias will take care of that.
  • Do we still want the Thunderbird module? [2] -cilias
    • Users coming to for Thunderbird support is not a big problem anymore. The bug should be WONTFIXed.
  • Italics vs bold for “More articles” text on start page [3] -cilias
    • Italics. That’s what was intended. If the corresponding css is in the wrong DIV, we should try fixing it manually on the EUBallot start pages or leave it be. Not worth spending sumodev resources on.

Knowledge Base

  • Big thanks to everyone who updated articles for the browser ballot.
    • We targeted 70% of users, and we are going to end up with more than 80%. cilias will work on making the rest a more open process (blog, contributor doc outlining how to get a locale included, etc.)
  • Help > For Internet Explorer Users A/B test
    • Heads up! We are going to try changing the destination of the “For IE users” menu item to point to the Windows start page.
  • New article: Youtube HTML5 does not work in Firefox
  • Need review: Personas disappear from the Add-ons window
    • Cww will review.
  • Will be creating KB articles forum on prod this week.
    • cilias should outline what needs to be done on a wiki page, and get the community more involved.
    • Article migration should wait until we see if more people are drafting articles because of the KB Article forum. If more people are drafting articles, we can migrate the more important article requests.
  • New Contributor Tools box in sidebar. Feedback welcome in Contributors forum thread.
    • Background: People helping translate articles for the browser ballot had a lot of trouble finding the right contributor documentation.


  • Forum redesign PRD is being worked on.
    • We should be more public about it (post in the Contributors forum).

Live Chat

  • Much higher percentage of unanswered questions, due to increase in “chat ended early” responses
    • Probably due to a Spark bug causing more crashes and helper disconnections
    • This is worth a blog post.


  • Discussion in about teaching users why Mozilla does not support older platforms. This is something SUMO can help with. -cilias