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What’s up with SUMO – Mar. 7

The big things this week

Minutes of the latest weekly meeting

Sumo Development

  • SUMO 2.6.1 going out tomorrow.
  • User facing features:
    • Filters for army of awesome
    • New mails asking people to vote on their questions
    • Stats below avatars
  • SUMO 2.6.2 set for next Tuesday, the 15th.
  • Starting work on SUMO 2.7 (first part of Users & Groups).
  • Starting to put together plans for Q2.
    • Trying to hit our last two dev goals for Q1.
  • Questions watch pruning?
    • yes, we should attach an ‘end of life’ label to questions

David: to come up with list of smaller things that we need to prioritize for the next quarter.


  • Kadir attended Cebit for the SUMO team, but told people about Firefox 4, because very few people had support questions.


Knowledge Base

Live Chat

  • Participation is down since last month, probably because people couldn’t log in due to this bug.
  • There was a huge number of live chat request this week due to issues with Firefox 3.6.14 and Java applets.