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KB days – second edition. March towards Firefox 4

Last weeks KB day was awesome. We had selected 3 articles that needed updating for Firefox 4  and within hours Scoobiediver and Vito had snatched and finished them. That was more than we had expected, so here is another issue of the KB day for the Firefox 4 launch. We’ll have the KB day on Wednesday March 9th, where we will focus on improving another 3 support articles.

Again, for every article we have a list of tasks to be done, but that doesn’t mean that one person has to do all of them. You can do the screenshots and leave text improvements to another contributor or the other way around, every bit of contribution counts.

Please state that you are working on the articles in the forum posts below before you start, and for any questions talk to us on IRC, in #sumo. Topal and Michaelverdi will be there pretty much all day, and we’d love to see you. Help us get the support documentation in shape for an awesome Firefox 4 release vey soon.

These are articles that are read by tens of thousands of people, and we have many more popular articles that are awaiting improvements. You can also check our weekly stats for visitor number to decide which article to work on next.

This week’s 3 articles are:

Pop-up blocker

This article needs to be updated for Firefox 4:

  • The pop-up-blocking icon moved to the location bar, it can take different colors
  • Needs new screenshots

Back and forward or other toolbar items are missing

This article needs to be updated for Fx 4:

  • Needs new text for Firefox 4 on Windows (changed ways to access options etc.)
  • Needs new screenshots

What is Panorama?

This article needs to be completed:

  • Needs explaination about how to add the button to the toolbar now that it is not there by default. (You have to use the All Tabs menu to open panorama and then create a group. The it will be added to the tab strip)
  • Needs to be reviewed

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