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What’s up with SUMO – May 16

Big things this week


Sumo Development

  • 2.8.3–including most of the private messaging UI preffed off–is going out tomorrow.
  • 2.8.4 freezes Wednesday morning.
  • Work week next week.
    • James is in MV starting Thursday.
    • Ricky is in MV next week.
    • Focusing on QA/testing and chat hacking.
  • The new {for} syntax will not make it into 2.8.4. Prioritized for 2.9 (a week later).


  • Brinda (SUMO intern) to start within the next two weeks
  • David might be off on Monday due to eye surgery.


  • SUMO
  • Mobile specific
  • Cheng to look into why the helpfulness metrics in the KB is down
  • Cheng to figure out how the forum threads and KB hits are related with regards to how issues included in the support reports.

Knowledge Base

Kadir: to write down what metrics we should track around searches on SUMO (only KB searches vs. Forum searches).


  • Forum questions are up 16%
  • Cheng to figure out why

Live Chat

  • Thanks to the SUMO team for participating in live chat shifts last week
  • There’s an active thread in the community forum discussing our PRD and ways to make it better.
  • Questions about how to use Firefox are still by far our top issue, at over 20% of all chat requests.