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What’s up with SUMO – May 9

Big things this week


Sumo Development

  • SUMO 2.8.2 is going out tomorrow.
  • SUMO 2.8.3 is freezing on Wednesday.
  • We are working through private messaging UI and starting Karma.
    • Private messaging and Karma are worked on in parallel, PM will be out next week.
  • We’re also starting work on our new, significantly better, wiki parser, which we and the Python world need.


Cheng to figure out how to share out metrics with contributors.
Kadir to take over the metrics computations from Cheng.
Matthew to take over the Live Chat related stats
Matthew to remove the lines that are not needed anymore.

Knowledge Base

  • The article archive feature will go out with SUMO 2.8.2 on Tuesday. We’ll begin archiving articles on Wednesday.
  • KB Doc Policies for our new rapid release cycle is just about done. Michael will turn it into something a little more readable this week and post about it in the contributor forums.
  • Verdi helps you with Firefox is a new blog for Firefox users. Please tell people about it and link to it if you find it useful.


  • We talked about videos on SUMO
  • Michael is considering adding subtitles to videos


  • The number of forum questions went up 50%

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