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Results of the Sheriff Survey

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015


we closed our Sheriff Survey on Monday and i wanted to share some highlights from the Results. Thanks for taking part in the Survey!

1.Communication with the Sheriffs

We got very good and positive Feedback about the Interaction/Communication with the Sheriffs. We know that backouts are never a good/positive thing and we sheriffs assume always the best intentions – nobody _wants_ to cause bustage, but it happens.

We also noticed a lot of comments of checkin-needed requestors and the hope we have at some time the autolander system (that lands patches automatically). There is work being done on this like as example in


2. Trychooser and other Feedback

We got comments about trychooser and how this could be improved. That Feedback is very valuable and we will pass that Feedback over to the Releng Folks. For all Feedback and Suggestions we are looking at the survey what we can improve and realize. As example one result is now 🙂


3. Getting Involved!

We got several Community Member with interest in helping out with Sheriffing! Thats really great and we will follow-up here soon. Also its not too late to get involved. Just drop me or the sheriff lists ( a note!


4. You can reach us at anytime!

While the Survey is closed now you can still contact us anytime for feedback, questions and when you want to be involved! Just drop us a note at or ping the Sheriff on duty (normally the one with the |sheriffduty tag in #developers on



– Tomcat