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Opensource in Governments and Municipality? – Yes it works !

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

A lot of people work with OpenSource Software like Firefox, Thunderbird and a lot of people contribute to this Projects as Developer, QA or with spreading the word and many other things.

During the Opensource Meeting in Munich Florian Schiessl from the Munich LiMux Project gave a great talk about the Limux Project (Why they started this Project  etc ) and a lot of interesting background information.

It was great to hear that in the Municipality of Munich 100% work stations using Firefox and Thunderbird ! Munich is not only the City of the Octoberfest or Soccer 🙂 , its also the “German Silicon Valley”  and one of the most important IT Cities in Europe.

Also after some research i found an very interesting article from the Federal Foreign Office of Germany about “Open codes for an open society – German Foreign Office saves money by using open source software” and “Firefox is the standard web browser, official emails are written using Thunderbird and official notebooks are exclusively furnished with Linux and OpenOffice.”

Its great to see that the Idea of OpenSource is getting spread also beyond “end user” !

Fantastic 2nd Opensource Meeting in Munich !

Saturday, September 26th, 2009


yesterday we had in Munich the 2nd Opensource Meeting organized by Mozilla and Openoffice.

Welcome to the 2nd Opensource Meeting

It was a fantastic event and about 35 People (Project Members from various OpenSource Projects or just Opensource Fans and Users) joined us
and this time we had 3 sessions from 3 different Projects (Jan Wildeboer from Redhat was blocked by some pilot strikes in Lisboa, but  hopefully  we will hear his  Session at the next Opensource Meeting!)

Beside the Sessions we had also 2 little booths from Mozilla and Openoffice.

Mozilla and Openoffice booth!

After a short Welcome and Introduction by Florian Effenberger and me we started with a great Talk by Andreas Hubel from the Openstreetmap Project (what is Openstreetmap – how data is generated – how you can get involved etc).

Next Talk was Florian with a Overview about the Project with all about the Organisation of, how decisions are made within Project, how People can get involved, the German Openoffice Association, Macros, Plans for the future and many more – for me it was personally very interesting to see how other Opensource Projects like Openoffice are organized.

And the last Session at this Event was by Florian Schiessl from the LiMuX Project – a great talk about Opensource & the City of Munich and was very great to hear that in the Municipality of Munich 100% work stations using Firefox and Thunderbird !

After this Sessions we had a long Q&A Session about Various topics, followed by some great talks with People !

Florian and I already planning the next Opensource Meeting in Munich in November (likely 13. or 2o) and we will post more details if we know the exact date on our Project Website – also stay tuned for Opensource Meetings in other German Cities !

Also a big thanks to the Team of our location the Cafe-Netzwerk in Munich – this team simply rocks !

Some more pictures of the Event are posted here !

– Tomcat

Happy OneWebDay !

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Hey ! its OneWebDay today ! 🙂