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Mozilla @ CeBIT 2011!

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011


also this year Mozilla will have a booth at the CeBIT Fair in Hanover Germany next week!

Our Mozilla  Booth will be inHalle 2 – OpenSource Park Halle 2, Stand D44, (163).Highlights this year will be

-> Check out the latest about Firefox 4

-> Firefox 4 for Mobile Android/Maemo Platform

->  The “Join Mozilla” Programm (

and we will have some talks at the OpenSource Forum!

As always you can also ask the Mozilla CeBIT Crew any question about Mozilla and our Projects and Products!

I will be the whole Week at CeBIT und looking forward to meet a lot of Mozilla Fans & Community – when you have questions let me know (email:

Viele Gruesse & See you in Hannover!


Mozilla auf der CeBIT 2011!

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011


auch in diesem Jahr wird Mozilla wieder mit einem Stand auf der CeBIT 2011 vertreten sein.

Der Mozilla Stand ist wie im letzten Jahr auch in der Halle 2 – wir sind im OpenSource Park Halle 2, Stand D44, (163).

Highlights in diesem Jahr auf unserem Stand werden u.a.

-> Einblicke in Firefox 4

-> Firefox 4 fuer Mobile also fuer die Android/Maemo Platform

->  Das “Join Mozilla” Programm (


Darueber hinaus haben wir auch Vortraege auf dem OpenSource Forum!

Natuerlich wird das Mozilla Team auch fuer Fragen rund um Mozilla und unsere Produkte/Projekte zur Verfuegung stehen.

Ich freue mich das ein oder andere Community Mitglied auf der CeBIT zu treffen und wer fragen hat, kann dies natuerlich auch jederzeit per email tuen (email:

Viele Gruesse & See you in Hannover!


Firefox 4 Beta 11 Available for Testing!

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Hi QA Community!

Once again, warm greetings to all of our great community testers – you
are our most valuable resource. We now have Firefox 4 Beta 11 available
for testing. Note that this build is a development build and is intended
for pre-release testing. We would like your help in testing the build
and identifying any possible regressions or issues. You can read all
about the release here:

What to Test/Where to Get Builds:

*Please see – there
are direct links to the builds on that page.

Please hammer on these builds mercilessly to make sure that things work

Read the Release Notes

* Please also make sure to read the which detail the known issues and
describe the complete list of changes in this version. You can find the
Release Notes here –

*Some cool things to try:
** Windows 7 Users only: Try out the sites listed at the bottom of this
** Try out Firefox Panorama!
** Try out Firefox Sync! Sync to your Android or iPhone!
** Try out the Feedback button!
** Make sure to go to Mozilla Plugin Check to verify you are running the
latest version of Flash and other plugins.
** Explore some other focus areas:

With the integration of the “Do Not Track” option into Firefox 4 Beta
11, you can now check a “Do Not Track” box in the “Advanced” screen of
Firefox’s Options. When this option is selected, a header will be sent
signaling to websites that you wish to opt-out of online behavioral
tracking. You will not notice any difference in your browsing experience
until sites and advertisers start responding to the header.

You can read more about behavioral tracking in this post
from Mozilla Privacy Lead, Alex Fowler. For more information about the
technical implementation Do Not Track, check out this post
from Sid Stamm, Mozilla security and privacy engineer.

How to Report Feedback:
(1) File a bug in Bugzilla. *Note in the comment if it is a regression
from a previous release. Things to remember when filing a bug:
(a) Always include the Build ID that you tested on. If you type about:
in the URL bar, this will give you the Build ID.
(b) Always include clear Steps to Reproduce the bug
(c) Always check to see if your bug has already been filed.
(d) Use the regression keyword if it indeed a regression from a previous
(e) If you happen to crash, please submit your crash information! This
helps us continually improve the product. Please also include the
Breakpad Crash ID in the bug. You can get the crash ID by typing
about:crashes in the URL bar.
(f) If you tend to run with lots of extensions, try starting Firefox in
Safe Mode before filing to bug to see if the problem persists.

(2) If you don’t wish to file a bug, report issues through the Firefox
Feedback button, or through the newsgroup (also available on Google
Groups). However, we prefer bugs as feedback is easier to track.

Thanks in advance to all of you for helping test Firefox and making it
the browser of choice for millions of people all over the world!


Team Mozilla QA