The Transition to a Long-Term Tool Architecture

Historically the User Advocacy team has been relied upon to get user feedback analysis done quickly and effectively.  With a growing reputation, the team has been in high demand for exciting new projects and ad hoc analyses.  However, our velocity on these projects has resulted in growing technical debt (an acceptable trade-off at the time).

Fortunately, with increased headcount (Rob and Aimee), we’re able to re-focus on sustainable solutions to our stakeholders’ problems.  We have the following long-term goals in mind for our projects going forward:

  • Develop a set of standards for how our code is to be organized/written:
  • Become the owners of our tool infrastructure to achieve faster iterations and have more independence:
    • New front-end VM
      • For displaying dashboards/reports to the rest of Mozilla
    • New back-end server
      • For pipelines and fun machine learning projects

If you have any questions on how/why we are making these changes, have any ideas on how we can do things better, or would like to become a technical contributor to these changes, please let us know!

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