Input Status Update 03/28/2014

In Input development over the last couple of weeks, Will has been making some serious progress. Here’s the latest and greatest:

* [bug 983980] Update favicon.png (Thank you Swarnava!)
* [bug 982242] Add description_terms field
* [bug 949188] Document new strings process
* [bug 979486] Restyle the Firefox OS feedback form (Thank you Rehan!)
* [bug 986071] Fixes the cyoa page
* [bug 980347] Fix domain extraction
* [bug 987172] Fix unicode domain handling

The description_terms field in the index will make for better trending
lists, bigrams, wordclouds, etc. We still need to implement some stop
words related work, but it can be used now.

Rehan finished the style overhaul for the Firefox OS form. The generic
form still needs to be restyled. I’m not sure when this will happen.

Swarnava updated the favicon to the current Firefox logo. Thanks for all the help!

We show the domain of the urls submitted with feedback now. This fixes
some issues where the feedback response was meaningless without the
context of the url it was talking about.

What’s next for Input? We’ve got some big surprises in store. Just keep an eye on this space for more updates!

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