Minor revision to AMO (v3.4.1)

As mentioned previously, the AMO development team has moved to a more iterative development model. This is our second iteration under the new regime. The changes we’ve rolled out to the site include:

  • Added back the application compatibility ranges on the add-on details pages
  • Due to popular demand, we’ve separated Themes from Appearance-related extensions and Dictionaries & Language Packs from “Language Support” extensions. So, there are a few more categories that appear on the left-hand side menu.
  • Fixed an issue with IE7 not being able to download Thunderbird add-ons
  • Reviews titles are now being shown
  • Matched up the download counts, details pages now show both weekly and cumulative downloads
  • Added RSS buttons to task-oriented menu box
  • Resolved a CSRF issue
  • Matched up review counts
  • Increased the default add-on list size from 10 to 20

There were other fixes as well – full bugzilla fix list. Our next iteration will come in about 2 weeks time.