AMO adds Firefox 3-compatible versions

Now that Firefox 3.0 Release Candidates are starting to become available, we have made modifications to AMO to accept the production version numbers for Firefox 3. In particular, we have added “3.0” and “3.0.*” as valid Firefox compatible versions. The full application compatibility list is available here.

What this means for you as an add-on author is that after you test with the Firefox 3 release candidates, you can use the Developer Tools section on AMO to bump your version number without having to upload a new version of your add-on.

For completeness, if you want to support Firefox (and none of the alpha’s, betas and pre-releases), here are the recommended version ranges (minVersion – maxVersion) to use:

  • Firefox 2: 2.0 – 2.0.0.*
  • Firefox 3: 3.0 – 3.0.* (Note: that with Firefox 3, it’s a three part version number)

4 comments on “AMO adds Firefox 3-compatible versions”

  1. Havvy wrote on

    Yay, now addons people finally have a reason to update their extension to the max version.

  2. Kurt wrote on

    How about a little bit of a notice on this so the eager beta testers can have some of their favorite extension still be compatable when they update? I’m not saying like a week notice or anything but like a three day should suffice.

  3. Lita Letourneau wrote on

    Please enable FFox 3.0 and newer to be able to run the Java Runtime 6 without addons interference. I just tried to utilize USAA’s home banking where I scan a check in to deposit to my account. I had to call their Tech support and they said FFox won’t work unless I use it in Safe Mode to prevent my extensions and addons from preventing Java to run. I have Java enabled in my FFox and I was not able to see the scan button and scan my check in. I fussed at them because their site specifically states that the service works with FFox 1.5 + . I am disappointed and horrified that I had to use IE to be able to use this service (a service that is the reason I opened a USAA account in the first place). I don’t like being told that I have to use closed source software on my system when our home prefers open source (especially FFox–the browser of choice on our 8 home systems). If there is anything you wonderful developers at FF can do to enable me to use FFox with the USAA home banking software, I would be ecstatic! thank you, keep up the great software at Mozilla (FFox, Tbird and now Songbird!). Sincerely, Lita Letourneau

  4. frank wrote on

    You said “you can use the Developer Tools section on AMO to bump your version number without having to upload a new version of your add-on”.

    How do I do that? Which menu to use? I tried “Edit Add-on” but I dont see the option to change the maxVersion.

    Thanks in advance