Incremental release – AMO v3.4.2

The webdev team has updated AMO with a set of key fixes in a new incremental release. This revision includes:

  • New list views for Newest & Recently Updated add-ons
  • Display of last modified date on add-on pages
  • A revised version history page
  • Ability for users to change their email address and many fixes related to the user signup process, email address and password handling
  • Easy discovery of languages and dictionaries details pages
  • Various search items: new search button, themes, dictionaries and language packs showing now up correctly

There were other fixes as well – full bugzilla fix list. We plan to revise AMO with another release in about 2 weeks.

13 comments on “Incremental release – AMO v3.4.2”

  1. Jay wrote on

    Love the updates!

  2. Stefan Scholl wrote on

    Is there any reason why I need an account just to download/install an add-on?

    I wanted to test FF3 today. The RSS reader Sage isn’t FF3 ready, so I wanted to try the fork Sage-too. Can’t download it without account.

  3. bhashem wrote on

    @Stefan, you don’t actually need an account to install “regular” add-ons. Only ones marked “experimental” or pre-release status. “Sage-too” ( is marked experimental which is why you need an account.

  4. Mogens Isager wrote on

    Regarding the new version history page. I think there might be a bug.
    If I look at the versions page for DOM Inspector it says it works with Firefox: 3.0a1 – 3.0.*. However, if I download the xpi and look at maxVersion in install.rdf it is set to 3.0b4pre.
    Am I missing something here?

  5. bhashem wrote on

    @Mogens, the AMO site supports a feature called “version bumping” what that means is that using the developer control panel, a developer can update their maxVersion without necessarily uploading a new version of their add-on. In the case of DOM Inspector, the author initially included the compatibility range of 3.0a1 to 3.0b4pre as encoded in the install.rdf that was uploaded to the site, they then used the developer control panel to update the maxVersion to 3.0.*. If you attempt to install DOM-I directly *from the site*, it will install onto Firefox 3 RC 1 successfully.

  6. MaX wrote on

    Thanks, I love the update. There is just one thing (perhaps I’m too stupid for this): Can I just browse add-ons that are compatible with my version of FF? I’m using FF3 since B1 (and now use RC1) and when I’m looking for add-ons I would like to see just these who are marked as compatible to my version, instead of browsing through the whole list. Alternatively I could imagine to use a drop-down menu near the search field to narrow down the results. This is just an idea to make this even better. Thanks for the work.

  7. slosd wrote on

    Finally there’s a way to change my email. I had to register a new email because I typed the wrong one when I registered at AMO 😀

    But I think there’s an error in the stylesheet for the background of experimental addons.

    (notice the blue area on the left)

    The background image is but I guess it’s supposed to be

  8. slosd wrote on

    Hm…sry. Actually I had an image (using html) in my comment which was displayed in the preview but it seems to be removed in the “real” comment.
    However here is the image:

  9. bhashem wrote on

    @slosd, thanks for the catch – we’ll be fixing this in next week’s AMO release – see this bug

  10. Dave wrote on

    I have an idea for AMO: Suggest an add-on. Could be something simple at first but really something like would be really cool.

  11. xpgeek wrote on

    Was directed to your blog from MozillaZine forums to ask my question directly to a AMO Dev.

    Is there any reason my account for Mozilla Add Ons ( would be flagged or something as not allowed to write reviews? This is starting to anger me now.

    I wrote a review for the extension QuickPageZoom a few months ago, and then it just got deleted a few weeks later for some reason. And now, I wrote a review last week for the extension autoHideStatusbar, and it still hasn’t been posted. I know reviews have to be approved first before being posted, but theres now a newer review that I knoww was submitted at least a few days after I submitted mine, and that got posted.

    Why am I not allowed to post reviews? I’ve never written a bad one or anything or not followed the rules.

  12. bhashem wrote on

    @xpgeek: We have no such user banning capability on AMO. We currently have a HUGE backlog of moderated reviews (approximately 2000). But next Thursday, we are making a change to the comment/review system so that we don’t hold reviews before posting them to the site. We will auto-publish and then if users or add-on authors find something objectionable, they can flag those and AMO editors will review them.

    One reason your review might have “disappeared” is that we only keep reviews for versions of add-ons that are still active, e.g. if the author deleted a version of an add-on or disabled it, we “hide” the comments made on that version. We are thinking about revising this policy in the future but it’s technically challenging and we need to balance keeping stuff that is still relevant. Here’s a bug you can track if you are interested.

  13. xpgeek wrote on

    Thank you, very much, for your reply, that actually cleared up alot for me.