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Featured Add-ons Rotation for July 2008

I’ve previously described the process we use on AMO for rotating the featured add-ons. As we start a new month, we’ve rotated many of the add-on based on their performance. We examine how many additional active add-on users have been added to the Firefox add-ons user base (in absolute numbers) and the relative user retention performance — do users who downloaded the add-on continue to use it? Those with better overall performance stay on the list, the other slots on the list get rotated to uncover new, great add-ons. In this rotation we had 21 add-ons get rotated out and 23 come in. You can see the resulting list for July 2008.

7 comments on “Featured Add-ons Rotation for July 2008”

  1. Alfred Kayser wrote on

    Note that statistics on usage of themes (and other extensions) is still not right on AMO, so if these are used for this rotation, the rotation is then also flawed…

  2. bhashem wrote on

    @Alfred, that bug that you point to has to do with the default ordering and display of the recommended list – not the accuracy of the stats.

  3. Jay wrote on

    basil, in a previous post you posted that the retention ratio ranged from 9.5% to 48.0%. if you can share, what was the average in this go around? thanks in advance!

  4. bhashem wrote on

    @Jay: Sorry for the delayed response on this, I must have missed it. The range this time around was 4.5% to 34.9%

  5. S wrote on

    Basil, how do you calculate the retention rate?

  6. bhashem wrote on

    @S: I’ve previously blogged about how the retention rate is calculated @ It’s only a proxy calculation, an approximation, I use active users divided by downloads for a selected period of time.

  7. Jay wrote on

    Thanks Basil!