Miami Add-ons Meetup Rocked!

nickLast night we held an add-ons meetup in Miami and it truly was a great event. South Florida has a vibrant community of very talented developers and social media experts and that was clearly visible by the quality of questions and level of engagement by attendees.

Similar to New York, the schedule was kept very flexible allowing attendees to freely ask as many questions as they wanted. While we wanted to get our message out about all of the cool things going on with AMO, the priority was to listen to the community and ensure that we took full advantage of the face-to-face time to hear them out.

brianBrian Breslin’s presentation on his add-on Twitbin was especially important. Brian is the founder of Refresh Miami and a very well-known & respected developer in the South Florida area. Having him vouch for the power & extensibility of the Mozilla platform really helped drive our message home to the attendees.

pic_gVc_lAdd-on development is something that’s very new to this community so it was great to be able to have some face time and help them better understand what the Mozilla add-on ecosystem is all about. Gauging from the responses on Twitter it seems that people were genuinely impressed by what’s happening within the add-on ecosystem and the steps we’re taking to make add-on development better.

We’ve planned another add-ons meetup in Chicago later this month (9/29) and we look forward to having another great meetup in the windy city!

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  1. Rev Engineer wrote on :

    The Spirit of Mozilla does not abide greyware in extensions.

    Re-educate developers at your respective meetups