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Contributions Pledge Drives and Subscriptions

As our Contributions Pilot continues, we’re exploring new ways of involving users in the development of the add-ons they love using.  This week, we’ve launched two new features based on feedback from developers, and we hope they make a difference in the way users make contributions to add-ons.

Pledge Drives

Have you ever participated in a walkathon or donated to public radio?  If so, you’re familiar with the concept of a Pledge Drive, and we’re happy to report that developers can now post Pledge Drives for their add-ons.  Whether you’re trying to raise funds for a conference trip or want to turn off advertising in your add-on, you can set a pledge goal so users can have a hand in getting you there.  These pledge drives can be created from the Developer Control Panel and you can use your About Page to let your users know post-install.  Please note that you don’t have to use your About Page as a First Run page, and you can elect to show it only to users who have been using your add-on for a reasonable period.



We’ve added a new option to the existing Contributions flow, so users can now elect to provide a regular monthly contribution for 12 months.  They’ll be automatically presented with this option when clicking the “Contribute” button on the Add-on listing and Meet the Developer pages.  We’ve also added a comment box so developers can hear directly from their loyal users.

Finally, for those of you receiving contributions, please consider sending a thank you note to your donors to thank them for their help.  It’s a small thing but will go a long way towards helping your users know that they made a difference.

2 comments on “Contributions Pledge Drives and Subscriptions”

  1. fsync wrote on

    Should AMO host a pledge drive on behalf of its “member station” add-on developers? Just a thought.

  2. Brett Zamir wrote on

    Brilliant work! Just awesome!