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Tell us about your add-on experiences

We’re interested in knowing what add-on users love and hate about add-ons today. Whether you remember an add-on’s great first-run experience or annoying pop-ups, please take a minute to fill out our survey below. We’ll analyze the responses and communicate some best practices for pleasing users to our add-on developers.

Please remember that we’re looking for your feedback on specific practices with example add-ons, but that we’re not looking for bug reports or complaints that could only possibly apply to one add-on.

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Thanks to everyone who will participate.

5 comments on “Tell us about your add-on experiences”

  1. Damien Joyce wrote on

    Hi Mozilla team,
    Love the Mozilla browser and the add on’s I use the most are

    Morning Coffee
    Colorful Tabs

    I also sent this as tweet from @damienjoyce ,
    “Hi @mozillanews ,RT @mashable Create Playlists from Music Blogs -ExtensionFM – , Nice idea – any Firefox ext for same ? ” Think that would be nice addition

    Also just a fyi, enjoyed the recent artilce “Battle of the browsers: Mozilla vs King corporate“ .


  2. Marna Jensen wrote on

    I would like to report this error
    Error download -228

  3. Emarkay wrote on

    For me? I only care about productivity and security, thus:
    AskForSanitize, BetterPrivacy, FireFTP, FlashBlock, Image Zoom, NoScript, ReloadEvery, take me to this URL, Littlefox.

    A big thanks to the Add-On developers and testers; you help make a great browser even better!

  4. cellhub wrote on

    Much thanks to the developers who have made a new great and excellent browser which will be more effective and better productive.

  5. Gruff wrote on

    I’d like to see two add-ons. One that will allow changing a subject line on incoming email and another that will allow rejecting individual emails back to the sender.