AMO category pages updated and other bugfixes

AMO 5.11 was released this afternoon with a number of new pages now being served from our Django rewrite. A list of notable changes is below.

Update Notes

  • Category pages are now served from our Django rewrite (zamboni) and include touched-up designs and the new install buttons. We hope to serve these new pages for 100% of requests, but may reduce their load depending on their performance these first few days.
  • These category pages have new human-friendly URLs
  • It’s now possible to see all featured add-ons within a category
  • Breadcrumbs across all zamboni pages are now more consistent and detailed
  • About and FAQ pages are now served from zamboni
  • Add-ons in Google search results should now show their rating and review count (may not show up immediately)
  • The Tools menu should no longer be shown for users with access only to the Developer Hub
  • The locale selector in the footer should now pre-select the current locale

Developer-specific Updates

  • The add-on validator will now check for insecure script insertion into web content and themes that run code

Known Issues

  • Search results can include add-ons that don’t support the selected application

See all 138 bugs fixed in this release.

1 response

  1. Jivko wrote on :

    Good job with fixing the Tools bug but I can’t see the new green buttons on the main page.The main page itself has the old design.Can you do something about this?