Add-on-Con: Firefox 4 Compatibility Presentation

I presented at Add-on-Con a few hours ago, covering (surprise, surprise) Firefox 4 compatibility. This presentation includes most of the stuff we’ve been talking about on this blog, including a few new tidbits like CSP which we will be talking more about in the future. There’s also a section mentioning a couple new technologies included in Firefox 4 that may be useful for add-on developers. It’s great to attend Add-on-Con because there’s no event that comes even close. Being able to talk with add-on developers and listen to their problems is something that we rarely get to do, at least in person.

The slides are available here in PDF format: Firefox 4 Compatibility. I tend to make presentations like they are webpages, so they are full of useful links to follow.

I’d also like to remind you that we have a Mozilla Meetup and Social Event later today, beginning at 5pm. If you’re in the area, don’t hesitate to drop by.

2 comments on “Add-on-Con: Firefox 4 Compatibility Presentation”

  1. Johan Sundström wrote on

    If the slides were indeed web pages before they became as-if-it-was-webpages PDF format, could you perhaps link them too? (Web browsers are so much better and more accessible than PDF readers, with useful features such as open in tab.)

    1. Jorge wrote on

      Unfortunately, they were not webpages before, so there’s no site that contains the exact contents of those slides. However, they are heavily based on what you can read in the latest compatibility post: