Add-ons can now be compatible with 4.0.*

Firefox 4 is coming very soon, and it’s now time to start marking your add-ons compatible with 4.0.*. We don’t expect any further compatibility-breaking changes in Firefox 4 betas, and any that do need to land will be announced on this blog, on MDC, and via email if we can identify AMO-hosted add-ons that are affected.

We will continue to add beta versions as they are released, but most add-ons should now begin to use 4.0.* as their maxVersion.

And as a reminder, the free Firefox 4 t-shirt offer ends on January 7, so be sure to update for beta 8, beta 9pre, or 4.0.* by then!

7 responses

  1. Nicolas wrote on :

    Nice 🙂 I’m back working twice harder on the update queue then 🙂

  2. Jivko wrote on :

    Me too.I have 6 themes out of 10 done.Five of them are uploaded on the Mozilla Firefox site but for some reason the review process takes a lot of time.Maybe they are way to many add-ons.4 themes to go. 🙂

  3. Tony Mechelynck wrote on :

    Great! Can they also be compatible with Thunderbird 3.3.* and SeaMonkey 2.1.* ? Also, I know it is possible to mention across-the-board Toolkit compatibility in the install.rdf (with Toolkit 2.1.*, say) but does AMO recognise that?

  4. Tony Mechelynck wrote on :

    oops! Imeant Toolkit 2.0.*. Let’s not be too hasty.

  5. Ourph The Mingol wrote on :

    Slightly premature as theme and extensions changes are still hitting the nightly builds.

  6. Scott wrote on :

    When you update the maxVersion through AMO does it update users who previously downloaded the add-on or only those who download it after the change?

    For example:
    – yesterday: user A downloads add-on w/ maxVersion = 4.0b9pre
    – today: developer sets maxVersion = 4.0.* in AMO
    – tomorrow: user A opens Firefox 4 again, is the add-on still disabled or does it check AMO to see if the maxVersion changed?

    1. Justin Scott (fligtar) wrote on :

      Firefox checks for add-on updates every day, which is the mechanism used for compatibility updates. So even if the add-on is disabled, it will find the new compatibility information and the add-on will be compatible with their browser.