London Add-on SDK workshop: last chance to register!

The Add-on SDK team is coming London City University this Thursday for a series of workshops that will get you started hacking your own Firefox add-ons. Registration is both free and limited so make sure you register today!

Updates via @MozPub or #fxaddons on Twitter + track on Lanyrd

Date: 29 September 2011 (Thursday)
Time: 6:00pm
Venue: City University London – Oliver Thompson Lecture Theatre (OTLT)
Address: Northampton Square – EC1V 0HB
Closest Tube: Angel

The workshop is being held at City University in London. It will begin in the Oliver Thompson Lecture Theatre (OTLT). Later breakout sessions will move to rooms a floor above the OTLT.
The OTLT is accessed via the University Building for City University London – the main entrance for the university (there will be signs and people to direct participants)

The SDK team would also like to thank our sponsors!

  • Geeks of London organises meetups for all different types of geeks, from movie geeks and comic book geeks, to scifi geeks and ice cream geeks.
  • London Web Standards brings together web professionals who are working for a better web. Our monthly meetups provide them with an opportunity to teach, inspire, learn, network and debate
  • On October 3rd, NudgeNudge will bring together the developer and animator worlds over comestibles and libations to explore each others’ world in the land of glasses-free 3D devices. Find our more and signup here.

2 responses

  1. Lakshitha Caldera wrote on :

    Hi ppl,,

    I am Lak from City Uni, a PG in SftwEng. It was a gr8 experience for me and my friends to attend the Firefox workshop and learn about the add-on SDK.

    Was nice to hear the presentations from Dietrich, Jeff and Co. (sorry cant remember the other guys names).

    I am wondering if you could tell us where v can get the materials that were presented on the workshop, perhaps a vdo recordings of the workshop and perhaps references to the materials.

    We are gr8ly interested in using it 4 our dissertations as well to develop our applications too.

    Many thanks if you can respond to lakc24 on the AddOns forum.

    1. Jeff Griffiths wrote on :


      Thanks for the comments! I posted links to the slides here:

      I also gave another presentation this weekend in Toronto:

      Let me know if you have any further questions and, as always, feel free to drop by #jetpack on IRC.

      regards, Jeff