FSOSS Slides online

I presented a talk at FSOSS in Toronto this weekend on the Add-on SDK. I blogged about the conference over on my personal blog, but I just wanted to post here as well and point out that the slides for my talk are online:


For maximum enjoyment you should:

Later on in my slides ( at slide 19, to be exact ) I show some examples starting with context-menu. On this slide in particular it isn’t obvious but if you right-click, you’ll see the helper add-on’s context menu item labelled ‘Context Menu Test’:

All of these examples are implemented in the helper add-on I created to integrate with the slides:


The talk was recorded by FSOSS volunteers and should be online in some sort of media format soon. I’ll link to that as well when it becomes available.

3 responses

  1. Johan Sundström wrote on :

    You might want to make the href of the http://talks.canuckistani.ca/fsoss/ link be the same as its textContent. 🙂

    Do you know if the presentation was recorded and will be available somewhere in video format?

    1. Jeff Griffiths wrote on :

      Johan: thanks for the tip – it’s now fixed.

  2. Lawrence Mandel wrote on :

    Jeff, was great to meet you. Good talk.

    One update for your post: your slides link points to your add-on instead of http://talks.canuckistani.ca/fsoss/