Jetpack Project: weekly update for Nov. 1, 2011

Project News

Quick Stats

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Meeting Brief

  • Builder: template re-write ahead of schedule, need to test re-packed add-ons today.
  • SDK 1.3 beta 2 will be released this afternoon, may incorporate some recent check-ins from stabilization to 1.3.
  • Intermittent test failures in Tinderbox are becoming a problem.
  • Discussed approach for the new loader
  • Alex’s L10N proposal needs more discussion.

Full minutes are available here:

5 responses

  1. Jim wrote on :

    A websocket api would be nice.

  2. Jeff Griffiths wrote on :

    Jim: I’ve been looking into how easy hard using websockets is. Here’s my code:

    I hope to write up a longer blog post on the mozilla hacks blog on how this works in the next couple of weeks.

    1. Jim wrote on :

      That’s great. I was looking for something like that. Looking forward for your post

  3. bet wrote on :

    try to make a simple widget (cf : jetpack tuto).

    In my test dir:
    cfx init
    cfx run
    cfx run
    cfx xpi

    on ff8:
    go to my test dir
    click test.xpi

    but here the issue: FF8 alert ‘incompatibility between test.xpi and ff8’

    use : (addon-sdk-1.1)

    I dont know if its the good place to post that but cand find anyelsewhere 🙁
    If any helps ? , it’s gonna be fun

    1. bet wrote on :

      work great with add-sdk 1.2 🙂