Add-ons @FOSDEM 2012

Tomorrow I’m heading to Europe for a week or so; amongst other things I am very very excited to be attending FOSDEM for the first time after hearing about it for years! I’ll be speaking and generally helping out in the Mozilla project’s dev room. If you are at all interested in add-on development, there are a number of interesting talks & events you should attend:

Please check out the full talk schedule for the Mozilla dev room, there are many great talks scheduled on such diverse subjects as Android start-up performance, agile community building and WebFWD. You should also look over the FOSDEM 2012 pages on the Mozilla wiki as our community coordinator Benoit Leseul has provided tons of useful information there.

I am also going to try to organize a couple of additional happenings during the weekend:

  • dinner on Saturday night! If you want to come out with us to sample some local food and talk about Add-on & Firefox development, drop by the Mozilla room as we wrap up the day at 7PM on Saturday.
  • an Add-ons BOF on Sunday afternoon. FOSDEM is providing two rooms for BOFs this year, so I will try to schedule a convenient time as soon as I can and will put up signs announcing the time & place in the Mozilla room as well as at the Mozilla booth.

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  1. Bogomil “Bogo” Shopov wrote on

    Looking forward to meet you there.