SDK re-pack progress

We have made great strides in our efforts to automatically re-pack SDK add-ons to a recent version. As part of this effort I recently sent a few hundred emails ( with help from IT of course ) to add-on authors asking for help to test and update re-packed versions of their add-ons. If you ave uploaded an SDK-based add-on to AMO in the last year or so, you probably got one of these emails.

As I stated in the email, if you have soem time we would really appreciate your feedback, either via this Google form or the Jetpack Google group. Specifically, we would like to hear of any issues you ran into. The one known issue we have so far is 2 cases where we re-packed an older version of an extension.

If your add-on does work, we would also appreciate if you could upload this re-packed version to AMO. This is particularly important to ensure that your add-on benefits with the numerous bug fixes and compatibility problems we have fixed in the SDK in the last year!

Our longer term goal is of course landing the SDK apis in Firefox itself, removing the need for developers to re-pack their add-ons to get the latest version of the SDK. Stay tuned to this space for more details in the next week or so on when and how we plan to to that.