Link: “Addon SDK 1.11 – the Page-mod Release”

There is no doubt that modifying web content is one of the most popular features in the SDK. With this in mind, the SDK team is very excited about the upcoming 1.11 release. SDK Engineer Alexandre Poirot posted a nice overview of the key features we’ve been working on:

page-mod API is the most commonly used API in jetpack. It allows to execute Javascript piece of code against any given website. It is very similar to greasemonkey and userscripts.

In Addon SDK version 1.11, which is due for October, 30th, we will bring various subtle but very important fixes, features and improvements to this API. In the meantime we will start releasing beta versions on tuesday (09/25) with 1.11b1.

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You can download a zip file of 1.11 aka the current stabilization branch here. If you use page-mod in your add-on, please help us test these changes with your add-on, and report any issues you encounter either to bugzilla or the google group.

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