Announcing Add-on SDK 1.12!

I’m pleased to announce that we have released SDK 1.12 today; you can download the SDK directly in either zip or tarball format.

Update: The Add-on Builder has now been updated to support SDK 1.12.

What’s new?

Enhancements to simple-prefs. I’m really pleased to include in this release some much-needed enhancements to the simple-prefs module by contributor ‘taku0‘. Taku0 has really stepped up by implementing radio button and drop-list widgets for simple prefs. Thanks Taku0! Simple-prefs is pretty awesome now, so much so that I cooked up this example on github that displays all the types of prefs you can now use.

SDK layout changes. As I mentioned in my post a few weeks ago, we have dramatically changed the file system layout of the SDK in 1.12 in preparation for shipping the SDK apis in Firefox itself. The next few releases of the SDK will use this layout and we have plans to start testing builds of Firefox with the SDK embedded to ensure that tools such as the Add-on Builder continue to work.

Firefox Mobile support improvements. We’ve implemented support for the tabs api on Firefox for Android, which is a key module that both enables many common add-on use cases, and was also causing many of our tests to fail. If you’ve been curious about kicking the tires using the SDK on mobile, this new version is a good starting point.

You can much more detail about SDK 1.12 in the release notes.

Some interesting stats about this release ( from the github history between the 1.11 & 1.12 tags ):

  • 294 changes in 50 pull requests between tags 1.11 and 1.12
  • Community contributors: Blake Winton, Gregg Lind, Markus Stange and taku0.

As always, we’d love to hear from you about your experiences with this release. You can contact us in a variety of ways:

post to our discussion group
chat with us on #jetpack
report a bug
check out the source and contribute bug fixes, enhancements, or documentation

For more information on the Jetpack Project check out our wiki.

8 responses

  1. Sitalk wrote on :

    When it will be available on the Addon Builder?

    1. Jeff Griffiths wrote on :

      We’re currently testing some changes to the Add-on Builder that were necessary to support the layout changes in SDK 1.12. We’re tracking this work in bug 819139, and hope to push the changes live later this week.

      1. Jeff Griffiths wrote on :

        Update on this: testing is going well and I hope to get 1.12 pushed to production today.

        1. Jeff Griffiths wrote on :

          Update: SDK 1.12 is now live on Builder!

          1. Sitalk wrote on :

            great! 🙂

  2. Asgraf wrote on :

    After this update, SDK docs are no longer available. returns error 404 not found

    1. Geek In Training wrote on :

      Where did the documentation go to?

      1. Jeff Griffiths wrote on :

        The documentation, as always, can be found here: