June 2013 Featured Add-ons

It’s already June, and time for new featured add-ons! Featured add-ons are selected by a community board, which nominates and votes on great add-ons that appeal to a wide audience. Featured add-ons are promoted in rotation on the homepage of addons.mozilla.org, as well as in the monthly Firefox & You newsletter, our fan page, among other places.

Anyone can nominate add-ons for the board’s consideration, so don’t be shy. Simply email amo-featured@mozilla.org with your suggestion (you’re welcome to submit your own for consideration). In fact, three of the four add-ons featured this month are community nominations!

Pick of the Month: Video Resumer

Video Resumer automatically resumes YouTube videos from where you played them last. Without this extension, for example, when you click through YouTube videos, back and forth, they always start from the beginning.

Great add-on for viewing long videos. Really liked it, thanks!”

Get Video Resumer »

Also Featured:

Clean Links
Converts obfuscated/nested links to genuine clean links. Get it now »

Prevent Tab Overflow
Make sure your tabs stay visible all the time. Get it now »

YouTube Video and Audio Downloader
An extension to download YouTube videos in various formats and extract the audio file. Get it now »

9 comments on “June 2013 Featured Add-ons”

  1. Ryan Bradley wrote on

    Great list, but I think MozBar would be a great addition. They just redid the design of the entire Add-on.

    1. Tim wrote on

      I would agree Ryan, MozBar is a great addon and it is one of my favorit addons for Firefox. But it is a plugin for a very small part of users.

    2. Pranjal wrote on

      Mozbar should be in the list, it’s the first addon, I look for in Firefox but, Tim is also correct, it’s used by only a fraction of the internet users!

  2. Doosuur Ugbaji wrote on

    I will love to be part

  3. Jonathan Kamens wrote on

    It would have been nice if you had left a redirect link at https://air.mozilla.org/addons/feed/ instead of just breaking people’s RSS feeds.

  4. joe wrote on

    I have noticed that they have not been added to featured list yet. is this normal?

    1. Amy Tsay wrote on

      Hi Joe, they should be there now.

  5. Word Count wrote on

    I wish one day I can make it to have my add-on appeared in the Featured list. It’s a long way to go 🙂

  6. Mike Appleby wrote on

    Agree with Tim, Ryan that the MozBar would be a very useful – although small in the scheme of things there are tens of thousands of people using it – indeed, rely on it!