MaDonna designs over 10,000 themes!

A big congratulations to longtime theme contributor, MaDonna, who recently submitted her 10,000th theme to AMO! MaDonna has been an active contributor since 2009, and her designs are beloved by the community. Her most popular theme, Sunset Over Water, is used by over 130,000 people. Her top-rated theme is Lilac Prediction, which one grateful user claims, “It is so beautiful, it makes me calm down and exhale!”

“I have enjoyed being a part of the Firefox theme family and appreciate Firefox letting me continue working on designs,” said MaDonna, when informed of her big milestone. “I will be 75 next month and hope I can continue working a few more years. I have loved hearing from people from all over the world. Thanks to users for the good reviews they have given me and telling me my themes make their time on the computer more enjoyable.”

On behalf of the AMO community, thanks for your awesome themes. We look forward to wearing many more!

10 responses

  1. Brett Zamir wrote on :

    Quite nice!

  2. Zulkarnain K. wrote on :

    Her 10,000th theme

  3. Mark wrote on :

    Congrats to Madonna! What an accomplishment. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing her themes and hope that she continues to create even more. Truly one of the best Firefox theme designers out there. Well done.

  4. Paul wrote on :

    10.000 ?!?! That’s just crazy 🙂

    Congrats MaDonna, and thanks!

  5. Jivko wrote on :

    Great job but these are not themes, these are just backgrounds and because of them REAL themes are going down and more developers give up their work.

    1. MaDonna wrote on :

      When I started making these “themes” they were called Personas. But someone got the bright idea to change the name. No, what I do is not themes. Themes are much more difficutlt to make and I wouldn’t know how to begin. I am sorry if people are not using themes as much. I loved them before Personas were available. I don’t think people are using Personaa themes as much, either.

      1. Altfred Kayser wrote on :

        The Mozilla company also decided to not allow to combine persona’s with themes. That is really sad because combining these two would provide great backgrounds with nice icons and buttons.

  6. Famat wrote on :

    Yeah Madonna Congratulation to you

  7. Schnäppchen wrote on :

    Great! 10.000 Themes is awesome!

  8. guest wrote on :


    If the rules are not enforced, there is no point in having a “solid” category at all.

    Other issues:

    1. Does Mozilla really need to maintain a database of personas which are used by less than 5 people? How can we find anything good that way? Its time to start culling the crap: Institute automatic deletion of any theme or persona which does not become popular in a reasonable period of time.

    2. Solids, patterns & images should all be in separate sections. How can you find what you want if there is no meaningful organization?

    3. So many decent personas & themes are ruined by shadowed text that looks awful with custom tab colors (see “Tab Mix Plus”). How do we turn that shadowing off? Why wont Mozilla provide a GUI control for this?

    4. How about giving Firefox a built-in color selector for the background? This is a no-brainer; now why is it taking so many years to accomplish something so simple and obvious? Why are we forced to dig through thousands of ugly personas just to find a suitable background color? If they abolished personas and just gave us a color selector, most people would be perfectly satisfied. Mozilla has got this totally backwards: they waste so much resources on silly stuff like personas (which please a small minority), while ignoring the needs of the vast majority (which simply wants a color picker). The screen looks busy enough without sticking patterns & images behind the menu; what the heck were they thinking?!? I appreciate the ability to customize the browser, but sometimes the simplest customizations are the most difficult to achieve, and this does not make sense.