Completing Firefox Accounts on AMO

In Feburary we rolled out Firefox Accounts on (AMO). That first phase created a migration flow from old AMO accounts over to Firefox Accounts. Since then, 84% of developers who have logged in have transitioned over to a Firefox Account.

The next step is to remove the ability to log in using an old AMO account. Once this is complete, the only way to log in to AMO is by using Firefox Accounts.

If you have an old account on AMO and have not gone through the migration flow, you can still access your account if the email you use to log in through Firefox Accounts is the same as the one previously registered on AMO.

We expect that the removal of old logins will be completed in a couple of weeks, unless any unforeseen problems occur.

Frequently asked questions

What happens to the add-ons I develop when I convert to a new Firefox Account?

All the add-ons are accessible to the new Firefox Account.

Why do I want a Firefox Account?

Firefox Accounts is the identity system that is used to synchronize Firefox across multiple devices. Many Firefox products and services will soon begin migrating over, simplifying your sign-in process and making it easier for you to manage all your accounts.

Where do I change my password?

Once you have a Firefox Account, you can go to, sign in, and click on Password.

If you have forgotten your current password:

  1. Go to the AMO login page
  2. Click on I forgot my password
  3. Proceed to reset the password

7 responses

  1. David Lechner wrote on :

    So who do you contact when migration does not work? I created a new Firefox account with the same email as my AMO account and I cannot access my addons that I have developed.

  2. Andy McKay wrote on :

    You can contact amo-admins AT and they will be able to help you out.

  3. Charles wrote on :

    There are plans to let using Fx accounts to sign up in and maybe other Moz sites too?

  4. James Ross wrote on :

    Firefox Accounts seem… severely lacking in, well, everything. I mean, you can’t even change your email address! What happened to miss out THAT crucial functionality?

    And speaking of email addresses, the migration process NEVER seems works if your Firefox Account is a different email address to your AMO account – even though the actual OAuth/sign in works fine. Luckily I figured out the hack that is also documented on now – change your AMO email to match the Firefox Account and then migration works.

  5. cannot register wrote on :

    I got email notice about this today.. After that I tried to register but got this message

    Cannot create account

    You must meet certain age requirements to create a Firefox Account.


    1. Andy McKay wrote on :

      Do you already have extensions or themes as a developer on AMO and are below the minimum age for Firefox Accounts (which is 13 years old)? If so, we can get you an account with your parent or guardians permission. I certainly don’t want you to be locked out of AMO, can you email at please and we’ll help you out?

  6. Erika Rodriguez wrote on :

    I have to change my e-mail address for this account, because it doesn´t exist anymore. The actual one is the one I used for this comment. What am I supposed to do?