September’s Featured Extensions

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Pick of the Month: Search Image

by Didier Lafleur
Highlight any text and perform a Google image search with a couple clicks.

“I’ve been looking for something like this for years, to the point I wrote my own script. This WORKS for me.”

Featured: Cookie AutoDelete

by Kenny Do
Automatically delete stagnant cookies from your closed tabs. Offers whitelist capability, as well.

“Very good replacement for Self-Destructing Cookies.”

Featured: Tomato Clock

by Samuel Jun
A super simple but effective time management tool. Use Tomato Clock to break your work bursts into meaningful 25-minute “tomato” intervals.

“A nice way to track my productivity for the day.”

Featured: Country Flags & IP Whois

by Andy Portmen
This extension will display the country flag of a website’s server location. Simple, informative.

“It does what it should.”

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Featured add-ons are selected by a community board made up of add-on developers, users, and fans. Board members change every six months. Here’s further information on AMO’s featured content policies.

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8 comments on “September’s Featured Extensions”

  1. Harold Lee wrote on

    sigh… if only DownThemAll or any other powerful extensions work after Firefox 57, I wouldn’t be thinking of switching to another browser. Too bad Mozilla decided to push through with the WebExtensions plan before making sure their best existing extensions continue to work.

    1. Scott DeVaney wrote on

      Have you checked out Bulk Media Downloader? It may suit your needs…

      1. Ivy Wintaka wrote on

        Can it accelerate downloads? Nope.

        1. Ivy Wintaka wrote on

          Also, it needs an external downloader to work best. With DownThemAll, everything is within the extension while the extension itself has a low disk footprint. Beat that!

      2. Lemuel Lee wrote on

        Do you even know what makes DownThemAll good before suggesting that?

        DownThemAll can do bulk media downloading while having it’s own download manager and accelerator.

        Can Bulk Media Downloader do that? NO! It even needs an external download manager to work well.

  2. Speed Dial (Lite) wrote on

    I would like to de-nominate this featured add-on:
    Speed Dial (Lite)
    I think it’s making extremely bad name for Firefox and I’m surprised how add-on with such poor rating can be picked as Featured in the first place!

    1. Elias Rodriguez wrote on

      Welcome to the WebExtensions era! Seriously, they’ve had better extensions with even more features than this.

  3. Elias Rodriguez wrote on

    Is it just me or the featured extensions are kinda boring?
    Probably just the WebExtensions framework not providing the developers the kind of functionality they once had to create groundbreaking Firefox extensions