April’s Featured Extensions

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Pick of the Month: Passbolt

by Passbolt
A password manager made for secure team collaboration. Great for safekeeping wifi and admin passwords, or login credentials for your company’s social media accounts.

“The interface is user-friendly, installation is explained step by step.”

Featured: FoxClocks

by Andy McDonald
Display times from locations all over the world in a tidy spot at the bottom of your browser.

“This is one of the best extensions for people who work with globally distributed teams.”

Featured: Video DownloadHelper

by mig
A simple but powerful tool for downloading video. Works well with the web’s most popular video sharing sites, like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and others.

“Without a doubt the best completely trouble-free add-on which does exactly what it claims to do without fuss, complicated settings, or preferences. It just works.”

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13 responses

  1. zakius wrote on :

    Without change, my favorites I can’t leave behind are Newsfox, Fire Gestures and good, old Pocket

  2. berlihingen wrote on :

    “Video DownloadHelper – trouble-free add-on which does exactly what it claims to do without fuss, complicated settings, or preferences.” – absolute untrue in every statement. So absurd that no need to disprove – just try it.

    1. gr wrote on :

      Try this one, it work good :


    2. Alex wrote on :

      Does this mean that ‘Video Download Helper’ ain’t a good choice for Video downloads

      1. Sakura wrote on :

        It’s so-so, can be buggy on a lot of sites. I prefer FVD (Flash Video Downloader).

  3. Stefan wrote on :

    Another wave of spam add-ons hits Mozilla Firefox AMO : https://www.ghacks.net/2018/04/09/another-wave-of-spam-add-ons-hits-mozilla-firefox-amo

    1. Caitlin Neiman wrote on :

      Thanks for sharing this, Stefan. Our content reviewers are actively monitoring incoming submissions and remove spam extensions when they see them.

  4. Stefan wrote on :

    You’re welcome !

  5. manuel wrote on :

    The Mozilla Fire Fox has been helped full to secure all data information that I link and access and its interesting to use for the future purpose . Thanks

  6. Bobbye Blackwell wrote on :

    I am having a problem with my mozilla firefox account someone has blocked me off of my account that I have. can you help me?

  7. Wilfred wrote on :

    This blog post is linked to from the Firefox footer:

    > Need a password manager for teams? Check out Passbolt, Firefox’s Extention of the Month, an open source, user-friendly solution for storing and sharing passwords securely.

    There’s a typo here: extention. I’ve not idea where to file a bug, so I thought I’d mention it here.

  8. Nahid Hossain wrote on :

    I am using last pass for last 5 years now. Not sure if your passbolt can replace it. But I was looking for a lighter addons for managing passwords. Last Pass is becoming heavier day by day.

    1. Junaid Ahmed wrote on :

      Bitwarden is a bit lighter, plus it’s open-source. But be careful when setting the master password, in case you forget there’s no way to recover it.