September’s featured extensions

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Pick of the Month: Iridium for YouTube

by Particle
Play videos in a pop-out window, only see ads within subscribed channels, take video screenshots, and much more.

“Been using this for a couple of months and it’s the greatest YouTube extension ever. I have tried a lot of different ones and this one melts my heart.”

Featured: Private Bookmarks

by rharel
Password-protect your personal bookmarks.

“This capability was sorely needed, and is well done. Works as advertised, and is easy to use.”

Featured: Universal Bypass

by Tim “TimmyRS” Speckhals
Automatically skip annoying link shorteners.

“Wow you must try this extension.”

Featured: Copy PlainText

by erosman
Easily remove text formatting when saving to your clipboard.

“Works very well and is great for copying from browsers to HTML format emails, which often makes a complete mess of not only fonts but layout spacing as well.”

If you’d like to nominate an extension for featuring, please send it to amo-featured [at] mozilla [dot] org for the board’s consideration. We welcome you to submit your own add-on!

3 comments on “September’s featured extensions”

  1. zakius wrote on

    and I’m still waiting for proper mouse gestures (oh wait, API doesn’t allow that yet!) and nice feed reader (this potentially can be done with the exception of native interface but nobody yet did that)

  2. Marc wrote on

    Not sure you would have chosen Iridium as Pick of the Month if you read its description:

    “Due to the degrading direction AMO has taken all reviews will be ignored.”

    Also, its developer sold his Chrome extension to a third party without informing its users that he was about to sell it, and that third party embedded malware/ads into it ( This is what will probably happen if Iridium gets used by a huge number of users…

  3. cyrus lin wrote on

    I am sorry to say that I can not to open the Firefox after download.Why? Please settle my problem.