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Friend of Add-ons: Martin Giger

Our newest Friend of Add-ons is Martin Giger! Martin is a leader and member of the Mozilla Switzerland community, an extension developer, and a frequent contributor to Mozilla’s community forums, where he helps people find answers to their questions about extension development. If you have ever visited our forums or joined one of our channels on IRC, there’s a good chance you’ve seen Martin kindly and patiently helping people resolve their issues. (He has also written a great blog post about how to effectively ask for help when you get stuck on a problem.)

Martin began contributing to Mozilla in the early 2010s when he began localizing a Thunderbird extension into German and building his first Firefox extension. He also became involved with the Nightingle Media Player project, an open-source audio player and web browser based on the Mozilla XULRunner.

Since then, Martin has contributed to a number of add-on projects, including the Add-on SDK, the add-ons linter, the site addons.mozilla.org, and the WebExtensions API. Always interested in finding creative technical solutions to solve problems he encounters in everyday life, he has recently been tinkering with Mozilla’s Web of Things platform, rewriting a Twitter tool used by the Mozilla Switzerland community, and managing web-related activities for the concert band he plays in.

In addition to spending time with Mozillians online, Martin also enjoys socializing in person with members of his local community. “Doing things with local contributors is meaningful,” he remarks. “No matter what they contributed to, meeting up with people and talking about things you’re passionate about makes Mozilla something you can grasp (and not just something you spend time in front of a computer on).”

Martin, the entire add-ons team extends their gratitude and appreciation to you for your kindness, willingness to help others, and sound judgement. Thank you for all of your contributions to our ecosystem!

If you are interested in getting involved with the add-ons community, please take a look at our wiki for some opportunities to contribute to the project.

3 comments on “Friend of Add-ons: Martin Giger”

  1. Juraj Mäsiar wrote on

    Congratulations Martin!
    Your help on discourse.mozilla.org is really amazing 🙂

  2. shadab awan wrote on

    Congratulations Martin! and Welcome to mozilla family

  3. Will wrote on

    Congratulations Martin! Very well deserved recognition.

    > Your help on discourse.mozilla.org is really amazing

    Yours is too, Juraj.