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Capture Mozilla for Getting Involved 3

In the Capture Mozilla project, we know that not everything can be squeezed into a 3 minute video. So, we’ve designed this series into 3 chapters.

Chapter 3 is a wrap up. The idea here is to give community members direct tips on what they can do to move through the sometimes difficult process of fining the right project for them. Please watch it here:

David Boswell wraps up this three part series with a few tips directly to you!

Now, it would be a TON of help if you answered a few questions for us:

1) What did you like about this series?
2) What did you learn?
3) Do you think it increases the chance of a new contributor staying engaged even when the process is slow?
4) What would you do to make this video series better?

Wow, that’s a lot of questions! But, if you take the time to answer, we’d be more than delighted! The Capture Mozilla project needs your voice to better understand what it might grow into. Here’s to growing Mozilla!

3 comments on “Capture Mozilla for Getting Involved 3”

  1. dboswell wrote on

    I’ll be really interested to hear from people what they think is helpful in these videos and what else we may want to add to make it even more helpful.


  2. Majken Connor wrote on

    The advice seems pretty vague, and some of it seems discouraging. I did like how you acknowledged it’s harder to find an area to jump into these days, and encouraged people to dig.

    Ideally we get to the place where reps are connected to the get involved page, so people just fill out a form and they’re automatically connected to someone in their area. Then the advice on getting involved is simply “go to this url!”

    I think it’s really key to help potential contributors make a social connection ASAP, then they have a backup for the answers they can’t find. What if we have an irc channel (like dev has #introduction)? We could put a mibbit etc instance on the get involved page for people to stop in and get paired up real time.

  3. dbondi wrote on

    Thanks for the comment Majken. So helpful to hear how these videos feel for the audience. And, yes- true that getting involved does have potential to be discouraging as the project is growing fast and matching up is a bit of a journey. But, hopefully it’s all worth it. In this series we wanted to balance the challenge of finding a project with the reward of doing something awesome! Thanks again for your feedback.